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Any recommendations

Nicola (4 posts) • 0

On where to eat, places where i can get a quiet alcoholic beverage after a long day hard studying? :D

Recommendations of places to take a friend for a quiet lunch?


plantman (2 posts) • 0

I prefer to drink while I'm studying! You might want to check out Yihu Chun on 25-27 Cuihu Nan Lu, near the southeast corner of Green Lake Park and just south of Green Lake Hotel. It's about as quiet as you can get in Kunming, a little noise from the street, but there is rooftop seating with a great view of the park. Perfect for sunny days, and not bad for dates or casual business meetings... as long as it's not raining!

calyx (12 posts) • 0

The Nordica area (near Baiyaochang--take bus 22 south from Jianchilu or bus 62 from Jinbiguangchang) has a number of cafes where you can get a (slightly overpriced) drink, and if you're looking for non-Wenlinjie western food Nordica is usually veryvery quiet for weekday lunches. Just bring a sweater because it's such a big space that it's usually freezing. Or order hot chocolate.

Maldinib (12 posts) • 0

No 146 on Wenlin Street,the Chapter One is my most favorite bar around the "Cultural Lane" area,please just have a try.

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