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Official Chinese Holidays in 2009

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With Spring Festival aka Chinese New Year just around the corner and the domestic travel rush underway, it's worth taking a look at China's official state holidays for the rest of this year, as decided by the State Council in Beijing:

Chinese New Year (春节)
January 25 (Sunday) through January 31 (Saturday)

Qingming Festival (清明节)
April 4 (Saturday) through April 6 (Monday)

Labor Day (五一国际劳动节)
May 1 (Friday) through May 3 (Sunday)

Dragon Boat Festival (端午节)
May 28 (Thursday) through May 30 (Saturday)

National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival (国庆节/中秋节)
October 1 (Tuesday) through October 8 (Thursday)

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