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Yunnan Copper executive sentenced to death for accepting bribes

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The verdicts in a trial of three former executives of Yunnan Copper Group were announced on Monday, with former deputy manager Yu Weiping (余卫平) receiving the death sentence for his role in a corruption scandal that has tarnished the image of one of Yunnan's largest companies.

Yu was ordered to die by the Kunming Intermediate People's Court for reportedly accepting bribes totaling more than US$4 million and embezzling more than 41 million yuan while at Yunnan Copper. Yu also reportedly misappropriated 27 million yuan in company funds, which he lent to others.

Yu's former boss Zou Shaolu (邹韶禄), who had served as Yunnan Copper's general manager, was found guilty of taking more than 19 million in bribes between 2003 and 2007. Zou was reportedly spared execution because he had turned himself in to authorities.

Wang Jianwei (汪建伟), a former general manager of a Yunnan Copper-affiliated property company was given 20 years in jail for allegedly accepting more than four million yuan in bribes.

In 2007, the Yunnan Provincial Enterprise Association named Yunnan Copper Group the province's second-strongest company after tobacco giant Hongta Group. The company employs approximately 20,000 and recorded sales of 39.2 billion yuan in 2007.

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The day China and the US abolish the death sentence the world will start becoming a better one.


I think the US can use some of China's justice. There's nothing wrong with the death penalty. I hope the Sanlu executives get the same fate.

The corruption in China is out of control but still,,, death penalty. That is ridiculous.

To put the death penalty into some perspective the article details the following values: US$4 million, Yuan41 million, Yuan27 million, Yuan19 million, and Yuan4 million. Now, consider the wage of the average worker.

I can usually agree with capital punishment for 1st degree murder, but this is China.


I think the question is whether the death penalty decision was the result of the conscious and fair application of the law in the course of attempting to create a deterrent effect against corruption, or whether it was the result of somebody needing to take the fall in order to cover other people's asses and allow for the perpetuation of corruption.

That said, I think the death penalty makes far more sense for massive white collar crimes and government graft than is does for violent crimes.

Violent crimes of the nature that merit the death penalty in, for example, the U.S. are almost always committed by people who are either in a state of extreme emotional distress or who are incapable of rational decision-making due to underlying psychological defects.

White-collar crimes, on the other hand, usually require high levels of conscious planning and rational decision making, and thus some useful effect (a deterrent effect) may actually be derived from the death penalty for white collar crimes.

fok is dreaming. The day people stop lying, cheating, stealing, and killing each other is the day the death penalty will self vaporize from disuse.

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