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Beijing garage rockers Subs to play Kunming

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Arguably the Chinese band with the biggest buzz swirling around it at the moment, Subs will bring its raucous brand of garage punk to Kunming on May 21 when they return to the stage at Speakeasy Bar.

Based out of Beijing, guitarist Wu Hao, bassist Zhu Lei and drummer Zhang Shun and frequently screaming vocalist Kang Mao are renowned for tight, high-energy shows and their ability to get audiences involved. Subs' Kunming performance is one stop on a west China tour that is taking the band to Chengdu, Guiyang, Lanzhou and even Xining in Qinghai province.

After their April 5 performance in Shanghai (see above video for that evening's performance of the song 'The Man'), Shanghaiist couldn't help but gush about the band's live show:

"The Subs just keep getting better. But what makes their shows wild is 'it'. We don't know exactly what 'it' is but, whatever makes bands take the final step, detach themselves and gain some kind of aura or mystique — The Subs have 'it'. From the second singer Kang Mao hit the stage the packed venue exploded. She was on fine form, leading the crowd with her bottomless pit of energy, telling fans who were not getting in the pit to f*ck themslves (in Mandarin) and finally joining in the crowd surfing."

Subs will be joined by opening band Pretty in Punk, formerly known in English as No Answer and still known in Chinese as 打死我也不说 (loose translation: 'Beat me to death and I still won't talk'). The video below is from PiP's first show with new lead singer Bai Cai at last month's Kunming Outdoor Music Festival

Tickets to see Subs, Pretty in Punk and a second opening band to be announced are available at Speakeasy Bar for 30 yuan – the first band will take the stage at 9:30.

Update: We have been notified that Pretty in Punk will not be playing the show as originally scheduled - the opening band will be Noise Addiction.

Image: Shanghaiist

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