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It's almost December, which means you can nominate your favorite Spring City businesses, institutions and travel destinations for the annual Best of Kunming Awards. As in previous editions of the awards, the winners from 2018-2019 are automatically entered as candidates, while all other establishments and travel hotspots will be selected by you, GoKunming's users.

As with years past, final voting across twelve GoKunming website categories will be entirely separate from our three GoKunming WeChat categories. After we have collected your nominations, official voting on GoKunming will begin Friday, December 6th, and run through midnight of Friday, January 10th.

The final results will then be announced on January 18th during our annual Best of Kunming Awards Ceremony show. Thanks in advance for your participation!

Submitting nominations

We have prepared a handy-dandy online survey to make the nomination process more accessible and interactive. The first entrant in each category is already decided based on last year's results, and we ask that you enter the name of your nominee or nominees in the spaces provided — up to three per category. If you wish to leave a group open, simply type "N/A". To complete the survey — which should take no longer than five minutes — follow the directions below:

• Find your favorite businesses in the GoKunming Listings section

Access the survey here and fill it out using your candidate's name as it appears in either English or Chinese on GoKunming. You can nominate up to three entrants for each category.

• If one or more of your candidates are not currently in our system, please help us to add a business listing for them by sending their information — as well as the single category for which you are nominating each one — to the GoKunming Contact Form.

The seven establishments receiving the most reader nominations in each category will make it to the finals, together with last year's honorary nominees, for a grand total of eight nominees in each group. Click on the links above to participate. Thanks again to everyone who takes the time to fill out the survey! Below are the award winners from the Best of Kunming 2018-2019.

2018-2019 Best of Kunming Award Winners

GoKunming Categories

Best Chinese Cuisine

Winner: Heavenly Manna

Best International Cuisine

Winner: Cantina - wine & Chat

Best Café

Winner: Salvador's Coffee House

Best Bar

Winner: Barfly

Best Night Club

Winner: Turtle Club

Best Brewery

Winner: Humdinger Brewpub

Best Hotel

Winner: Cachet Boutique Kunming Artime

Best Mandarin School

Winner: Yunnan University

Best Sports Center

Winner: Now Climbing

Best Wellness Center

Winner: Spring City Yoga Collective

Best Kunming Attraction

Winner: Green Lake Park

Best Yunnan Travel Destination

Winner: Tiger Leaping Gorge

WeChat Categories

Best English School

Winner: OWEN education

Best Kunming Attraction

Winner: Kunming Old Street

Best Yunnan Travel Destination

Winner: Lijiang Old Town

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Update: voting will start on Friday, December 6th, and continue until Friday, January 10th and close at midnight.

Nominations can be entered until midnight of this Saturday, November 30th.

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