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Snow Mountain Music Festival schedule released

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The schedule for the 2007 Snow Mountain Music Festival in Lijiang, which we reported on earlier, has been made public, with Chinese rock legend Cui Jian headlining a diverse roster of performers. The festival will run from October 4 through October 6 and is expected to draw a large crowd during the weeklong national holiday at that time.

In addition to Cui Jian, top Chinese bands including Second Hand Rose, AK-47 and Ruins will also perform. Ethnic minority music will also be highlighted by Naxi performers as well as Mongolian band Hanggai, which performed in several cities in Yunnan in April.

Kunming's music scene will be represented at the festival, with bands Strange Day, Beekeeper & Horse, Nevada Lundemo and the Tribal Moons, Minjian Funk and oNEwAY all playing the second stage at the Shuhe Sifang Tingyin Plaza on the festival's final day. DJs will take the stage and play for several hours each night after the final band performs.

Tickets for the festival cost 80 yuan per day. For more information about the festival, call 5624026. Here's the official schedule of performers:

Thursday, October 4

Main stage
3:00 Chunqiu- 春秋
4:00 Forgot
5:00 Lao Zhang Blues - 蓝调老张
6:00 Wushi Laile 巫师来了
7:00 Du -
8:00 Ruins - 废墟
9:00 Second Hand Rose - 二手玫瑰
10:00 Cui Jian- 崔健

Shuhe Sifang Tingyin Plaza(束河四方听音广场)
3:00 Xiang Li - 向丽
4:00 Naxi Jingdi - 纳西净地
5:00 Hanggai Mongolian Band - 杭盖
6:00 Pubajia - 蒲巴甲
7:00 Terrae Ignota
8:00 Huan Qing - 欢庆
9:00 Zhu Zheqin朱哲琴

Friday, October 5

Main stage
3:00 Candy Gun - 糖果枪
4:00 Empty Tomb
5:00 Matiao/Xiao Budian/Yuedui - 马条和小不点和乐队
6:00 Shan Ren - 山人
7:00 Beautiful Drugstore - 美好药店
8:00 Wan Xiaoli - 万晓利
9:00 Su Yang - 苏阳
10:00 Xie Tianxiao & Cold-Blooded Animal谢天笑与冷血动物

Shuhe Sifang Tingyin Plaza(束河四方听音广场)
3:00 Moon Mother - 月亮姆
4:00 Xiao Juan - 小娟
5:00 Benny Elimelech
6:00 Li Zhi - 李志
7:00 Dongzi - 冬子
8:00 Zhao Muyang - 赵牧阳
9:00 Zhou Yunpeng - 周云蓬

Saturday, October 6

Main stage
3:00 Strange Day - 奇怪的日子
4:00 Minjian Funk - 民间饭客
5:00 Beekeeper & Horse - 蜂人与马
6:00 oNEwAY
7:00 Sound Fragment - 声音碎片
8:00 Zi Yue - 子曰
9:00 Muma & Third Party - 木玛 & Third Party
10:00 AK-47

Shuhe Sifang Tingyin Plaza(束河四方听音广场)
3:00 Dao Lang - 刀郎
4:00 Dikuai - 低苦艾
5:00 Zhang Qianqian - 张浅潜
6:00 Nevada Lundemo & The Tribal Moons
7:00 Lao Lang - 老狼
8:00 Buyi 布衣
9:00 Ci

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