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China Eastern to launch Kunming-Nyingchi route

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China Eastern Airlines will open passenger flights between Kunming and the city of Nyingchi in eastern Tibet this summer, according to a Xinhua report. China Eastern's Yunnan Branch recently ran a trial flight of a Boeing 737-700 from Kunming to Nyingchi, which due to being located in a winding valley with challenging weather conditions is one of the world's most difficult airport landings.

Total flying time from Kunming to Nyingchi, Tibet's third civilian airport, will be just under two hours. Once China Eastern concludes negotiations with the two airports it is expected to announce the maiden flight date and flight schedule.

Nyingchi, which means 'throne of the sun' in Tibetan, is located 400 kilometers east of Lhasa. It is home to the ruins of Buchasergyi Lakang Monastery, an Eighth Century Buddhist Temple built by King Songsten Gampo.

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