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Lijiang Snow Mountain Music Festival returns

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Chengdu's Mr Chelonian is one of this year's strongest acts
Chengdu's Mr Chelonian is one of this year's strongest acts

The Lijiang Snow Mountain Music Festival (丽江雪山音乐节) has announced the fifth installment of its almost-annual music festival, and not a moment too late. The three-day music festival will be held December 30 through January 1.

This year's headlining bands are predominantly from Yunnan and Sichuan, and include Mr Chelonian, Shanren Band, Mosaic, He Yong, Zheng Diao, Zhou Yunshan and Zhou Yunpeng.

Here's a look at the three-day lineup:

Friday, December 30
Mr Chelonian (海龟先生)
Shanren Band (山人乐队)
Hemp Garden Poets (麻园诗人)
Ciren Yangji (次仁央吉)
The Brothers He (和氏兄弟)
Wu Junde (吴俊德)

Saturday, December 31
Mosaic (马赛克乐队)
He Yong (何勇)
Wang Xiao + Wang Fan (王啸+王凡)
Dark Cosmos (黑宇乐队)
Low Wormwood (低苦艾)

Sunday, January 1
Zheng Diao (郑钓)
Zhou Yunshan (周云山)
Zhou Yunpeng (周云蓬)
Wu Tun (吴吞)
Spirit Foam (精神泡沫)
Sigangli (司岗里)

The festival will be held next to Wenbi Hai in Huangshan Town, Yulong County (丽江市玉龙县黄山镇文笔海边) and will also feature an area highlighting folk musicians.

For more information, check the festival's official website (Chinese only).

Tickets are 150 yuan per day or 380 yuan for a three-day pass and are available at official ticket outlet Wheatfield Bookstore.

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