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US firm invests in Yunnan Red Winery

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A fund managed by US-based private investment firm Texas Pacific Group, aka TPG Capital, recently made its first investment in mainland China, taking a US$14 million stake in Yunnan Red Winery.

The investment by the prominent Fort Worth-based firm's growth fund TPG Growth secured TPG with a 'significant' stake in Yunnan Red, one of China's five largest wineries and the largest winery in southwest China, according to a Reuters report.

Since its founding in 1992, TPG has made a name for itself as a successful and rather contrarian investment firm through investments in companies including Lenovo, Continental Airlines, Burger King, J Crew and Petco.

China's wine market is experiencing rapid annual growth of 11-12 percent on the back of the expanding Chinese middle class and its increasing disposable income. TPG's investment in Kunming-based Yunnan Red will be focused on expanding the winery's national sales network and introducing it to foreign wineries and wine brands.

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Great! hope China can join "new world" for producing red wine, inspiring news!

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