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Laowo Bar to host 3-day music festival

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It's been quite a while since a music festival of any kind has been held in Kunming – that drought will end at the end of this month when Laowo Bar holds a three-day music festival featuring more than 20 bands from around Yunnan plus a handful of DJs.

The third Laowo Indoor Music Festival will run from Friday, August 26 through Sunday, August 28. Music will begin at 3:30 pm daily and run late into the night.

Musical styles to be featured during the festival include rock, punk, metal, folk, minority fusion, blues and more. So far, bands scheduled to perform are*:

Fang Band (坊乐队)

Kouxian (扣弦)

Broken String (断弦)

Yellow Barcode (黄色条码)

Hemp Garden Poets (麻园诗人)

Inkwind (墨风)

Atomic Egg Operators (原子操蛋人)

Mishi (迷失)

Taiyin (胎音)

Life Sentence (无期徒刑)

Sigangli (司岗里)

The Great Apes (类人猿)

Tribal Moons (滕月部落)

Li Siwei (李四伟)

Nanfang Zhongzhen (南方重镇)


Chutou Waniankun (锄头挖念坤)

Dilidu (滴哩嘟 –Nujiang)

Sujing Chongsheng (逆境重生 –Qujing)

MF (Qujing)

Tang Qienong (唐茄弄 - Lijiang)

*From Kunming unless noted otherwise

The bands will followed by DJs DD DJ, Susu (溯溯) and Yanger (洋二). Dates and times for bands and DJs have yet to be announced.

One-day tickets for the event are priced at 30 yuan per person. There will also be a flea market all three days - spaces for vendors are available for free with purchase of a ticket at the door. For more information, call 13700640803 or 13708439270.

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we're just been informed of a complete/updated schedule:


15:30—16:20 音乐节开场乐手即兴时段 (w/ Seraina & friends)
16:30—17:10 人民节奏鼓队(大理)

17:20—19:00 DJ DD

19:10—19:40 原子XX

19:50—20:20 MF(曲靖)

20:30—21:00 滴哩嘟

21:10—21:40 猫哆哩

21:50—22:20 無期徒刑

22:30—23:00 Yankadi(鼓队)
23:10—23:40 断弦


15:30—16:30 午休时间

16:40—18:20 DJ溯溯

18:30—19:00 胎音

19:10—19:40 XX乐队(思茅)

19:50—20:20 黄色条码

20:30—21:00 逆境重生(曲靖)

21:10—21:40 Jack&Ed

21:50—22:20 麻园诗人

22:30—23:00 迷拾

23:10—23:40 扣弦


15:30—16:30 音乐节闭幕乐手即兴时段

16:30—18:20 DJ 洋二

18:30—19:00 坊乐队

19:10—19:40 锄头挖念坤

19:50—20:20 南方重镇

20:30—21:00 类人猿 The Great Apes
21:10—21:40 李四伟与乐队

21:50—22:20 爱海的哺乳动物

22:30—23:00 墨风

23:10—23:40 司岗里

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