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New food and drink options in Kunming

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The Wenlin Jie area between Yunnan University and Green Lake Park offers more culinary variety than anywhere else in Kunming. Recent menu additions at two of the area's most popular restaurants have added some welcome new options for diners looking for something new to sip or munch on.

Salvador's Coffee House has introduced a new menu keeping most items from its previous menu and adding new dishes such as teriyaki chicken salad and falafel. Drinkwise, Salvador's has upgraded all of its leaf teas to organic teas from local tea purveyors Andao Tea. Caffeine junkies will be pleased to note that Salvador's now offers Kunming's first bottomless cup of fresh brewed coffee, only 10 yuan from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Salvador's Coffee House
76 Wenhua Xiang, Wenlin Jie
Tel: 5363525

Long after the closing of Shanti Shanti more than a year ago, Indian food has finally returned to the Wenlin Jie area. Starting this week, Chapter One is offering an Indian menu featuring classic Indian eats including samosas, pakoras, curries, korma and rogan josh dishes made with lamb, beef, chicken, seafood or veggies. Chapter One also has plans to expand its sizeable Indian menu in the coming weeks, when it will add tandoori dishes and Indian breads.

Chapter One
146 Wenlin Jie
Tel: 5365635

Kunming isn't the only place in Yunnan with new Indian food options. The Dining Room on Renmin Lu in Dali has switched menus from Sichuan-Yunnan fusion to an Indian breakfast menu from 8:30 am to noon and a Burmese and Thai menu from noon until 9:00 pm. Aside from standard Indian food including dal, samosas, chapatti and yogurt lassis, The Dining Room is also offering som tam (Thai papaya salad), green and coconut curries, pad thai and tom yum kung. Dining Room's owners are also in the process of opening an all-Indian restaurant in the coming weeks, also on Renmin Lu.

The Dining Room
Dali Old Town, 137 Renmin Lu
Tel: (0872) 2670266

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