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Kunming gets a spring greening

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Back from the dead: Wheatfield's new digs
Back from the dead: Wheatfield's new digs

Kunming has undergone a bit of a makeover in recent weeks since the beginning of citywide demolition of lean-tos and small stores in between larger buildings.

In some places, such as the row of cheap printing and copy shops on Yieryi Da Jie on the north side of Yunnan University, the demolition has continued. It does seem like there is something afoot with this particular plot of land as a wall has begun to go up.

For most demolition sites, the public bathroom on Wenhua Xiang for example, demolition was quickly followed by the planting of trees, shrubs and flowers. While most people don't object to the replacement of a public toilet's miasma with a patch of green, for Wenhua Xiang restaurants and bars - most of which have minimal plumbing incapable of handling the 'big convenience' - this raises the question of where customers can go when nature calls.

[FYI, the closest public toilets to Wenhua Xiang are now the one on central Wenlin Jie at Xiansheng Po and the little one tucked away in Tianjundian Xiang in the alley connecting Paul's with Wenlin Jie.]

128http://www.gokunming.com/en/blog/item/98/#, one of the more popular shops demolished a few weeks ago, has relocated and is reopening today. The new location is opposite Paul's Shop in Tianjundian Xiang. Word on the street is there will be customer giveaways.

Wheatfield Bookstore
Address: Tianjundian Xiang
Phone: 653 3912, 159 8711 3281

Top image: Xiao Yang

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Maybe city officials expect us to head for the greenery when we hear the call of nature.

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