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China blogs: Chinese youth, talking to Paul the Octopus, Shaolin soccer (literally)

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Painting by Du Xi via NeochaEDGE

The youth are our future! So what's up with them? ChinaGeeks finds out why students are joining the Communist Party even though, in the words of one new inductee, many have "no faith in the Party."

Six blog goes in search of the opinions of Peking University professors to figure out what the Cultural Revolution generation thinks of their students. The answers? Self-centered—and increasingly homosexual.

Not that a college education is necessarily worth all that much these days, as demonstrated by a graduate of a prestigious Chinese university who has become the subject of mirth on the 'net for buying the wrong train ticket and inexplicably ending up both shirtless and homeless on the streets of Nanchang, Jiangxi, as shared by ChinaSMACK.

Can you name the place in China where every family owns a villa and at least one car, and that is starting construction on the world's 15th tallest building? If you can't, but want to, head over to the latest post on Mark's China Blog, where he profiles Huaxi, a village in Jiangsu province, as part of his "Chinese cities you've never heard of, but should know" series. (GFWd!)

The Chinese media has interviewed Paul the Octopus (the psychic cephalopod mollusk who successfully predicted the outcome of the World Cup), probing him about the direction of Chinese house prices, his new-found fame, and which way is the best to cook him. EastSouthWestNorth translates.

While Paul won't make any predictions about Chinese footballing success or failure, Shanghaiist thinks they've found a group of footballers who could be in for a chance: Shaolin monks, who played a recent match against Tsingtao Brewery in which they either emerged victorious by two goals, or lost by seven, depending on who you ask.

Finally, if you don't want to read but you need something to look at or listen to, check out these playful oil paintings by Kunming-based artist Du Xi on NeochaEDGE; listen to a "ball-hurting" pop song detailing how Yunnan hospital will help you resolve your pregnancy scare; and watch Su Fei of Danwei TV meet Beijing's cross-dressing queen.

This post concludes Fran's Sunday blog series for summer 2010. The feature will return in fall 2010.

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