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Kunming blogroll update

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We've recently been introduced to a Kunming-based blog about learning Chinese: LaowaiChinese.net. The site seems quite useful for beginning and intermediate learners of Chinese and it covers quite a bit of situations encountered in daily life in China.

Elsewhere in the Yunnan blogosphere, in the last few weeks the proprietors of Kunming blogs Expreference, China Shuebox and Migrant Worker have left the Spring City for greener pastures in the US and Beijing. Good luck to all.

Currently the Kunming/Yunnan blogroll includes the following sites:

Cloud South
Elizabeth in China
Greg in China
Laowai Chinese
My life in China

If you are blogging in Kunming or elsewhere in Yunnan, or know of a blog we're missing, please contact us and we'll add it to the list.

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