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Eleven students hospitalized after revenge poisoning

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A 12-year-old and 10 of his classmates have been hospitalized in Songming County as a result of a revenge-motivated poisoning on Monday, according to a China Daily report.

Police in the town of Yanglin said the boy, surnamed Liu, only wanted to induce diarrhea among fellow students who had allegedly bullied him at school.

The boy reportedly put the poison in a thermos bottle full of boiling water that the students used to make instant noodles.

Liu was also hospitalized after knowingly consuming the poisoned water. Police said that shortly after consuming the noodles, the children began to vomit and their stomachs ached.

None of the students were seriously poisoned.

Due to the fact that children under the age of 14 cannot be held criminally responsible in China's legal system, Liu does not face any legal punishment.

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