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GoKunming Weekend Preview

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Friday: Wu Zhuoling at On We Go
Tonight On We Go will host a concert by Wu Zhuoling (吴卓玲) a former founding member of triphop band Wednesday's Trip and now currently an indie folk singer. Music starts at 9:00, entry is 40 yuan.

Friday: Cross dressing party at Uprock
Uprock will host a cross dressing party Friday night with music provided by DJs Jiarkon and Chengcheng. Entry is 10 yuan or free with costume.

Saturday: Steak Night at Lazy Bones Pizza
Saturday night is steak night at Lazy Bones Pizza - from 6:00 to 10:00 a big steak, roasted potatoes/french fries and salad/veggies costs 70 yuan. In addition to steaks, Lazy Bones will be showing English Premier League: 8:45pm Liverpool v Manchester City, 11pm Arsenal v Sunderland and Chelsea v Wolverhampton.

Saturday and Sunday: Jazz concert at TCG Nordica
Norwegian jazz band Murmur will play Saturday and Sunday nights at TCG Nordica. Entry is 30 yuan or 25 yuan if prebought at Wheatfields Bookstore.

Saturday: Falling Cookies at Uprock
Chengdu-based band Falling Cookies will perform at Uprock Saturday night at 10:00, entry is 15 yuan. Afterward DD DJ will provide tunes and entry will be free.

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