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New Restaurant: Mazagran Cafe

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Mazagran's Chocolate Ganache Tart
Mazagran's Chocolate Ganache Tart
The other day we decided to check out the new Mazagran Cafe on Wenhua Xiang and were pleased to discover a spacious and relaxed cafe/restaurant/bakery offering a slightly different vibe from most places in the area.

As a cafe, Mazagran is a good place to sit and chat over a coffee or tea. It's got free wireless Internet, which makes it a nice place to do work outside of home or the office.

As a restaurant, Mazagran has a limited but rather international menu at the moment including beef pho, Thai-style green chicken curry (which can also be made vegetarian), teriyaki chicken skewers and a beef and mushroom pie. All of the dishes are good and reasonably priced. Pizza and panini sandwiches will be added to the menu soon and a new menu of main courses will also be introduced.

As a bakery, Mazagran seems intent on bringing a little more variety to the area, with a good selection of breads, rolls, scones, cheesecakes and tarts. For anyone who's been frustrated by Kunming's scarcity of quality Western-style breads and desserts, Mazagran is one of the few places around that gets it right.

Mazagran Cafe is located above Ibiza clothing store at 7 Wenhua Xiang. The entrance is around back through the gate on the south end of the building. Business hours are 9am to 9pm.

Mazagran Cafe
7 Wenhua Xiang

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this cafe rocks! im here almost every day. not like the dark and dingy cafes around kunming. wide open, spacious and bright. great for work and play! come on over!

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