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Use EMS There are several drop off points in every city. Not been in KMG long enough to find my nearest yet.

This is government owned courier service.
Cheap, fast, reliable.

I have used them a lot and never had a problem.

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EMS is probably the best choise for China-China courier mail. Only used them once for Europe and since it took almost 3 weeks I am not certain I'd use them again for international mail. Might just have been unlucky though.

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I only know of one DHL center and the last time I asked it was the only one in Kunming. It is on the main road to the Old Yunnan University Yangpu Campus which is now the Kunming College. You'd have to get on the Kunming-Shling Express way and get off the Yangpu exit. That's the closest I can describe it. I believe Bus No.118 has a stop near by.

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A package (containing a medium/heavy weight birthday card with envelope and 2 DVD's in the original plastic case packaging) sent on Nov. 26, 2010 via EMS from Kunming to NYC took about 8 days. Cost was 248RMB (Seems comparable to USPS international courier service). Note: The package content(s) must be first inspected by EMS, then sealed by EMS.

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A company in Germany sent me a parcel with expensive electronics in it ...we could trace it up to the customs office in Chendu then it disapeared from tracking.

Lots of calls and days later they said to call EMS or China post because sometimes they pick up the stuff coming out of customs..


DHL then to EMS??

After calling all the EMS and China post in Kunming we finaly were able to trace our parcel....what a nightmare!!

We've sent plenty trough EMS without a problem, in China and Canada..

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I have used DHL to send a letter to the states in about 3 days. I never found a drop box, so I just called them and scheduled a pick up. It was really easy. They have an English phone line listed on their website.

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not offhand, but it should be on the website somewhere. maybe try calling customer service and they can give you the right number

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