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Sapore Italia is OPEN:

eric25001 (41 posts) • 0

I found Sapore Italia is open and they deliver your Italian foods.
I had some cream delivered today. Thanks Francesca: ;-)

They have been moving and will be updating their web pages.

To get your Italian coffee and other products like olive oil cheeses and meats ans of course pasta. Eric

address is
Jiaoling lu, passed Second Ring road intersection
Xinyuan Villa compound
Building 3 - shop 101
Phone number 0871/68075832

Magnifico (1981 posts) • 0

is that close to the Think UK compound?

Also, would you mind giving me some sample items and prices?
Olive oil. How much for 1L?
Cheese? What kind?
What kind of meats?

coastalfire (28 posts) • 0

Reviving this thread to ask: Is this a shop that is open to the public?
I nearly cried when I saw that Laowai Paradise was closed down... but then I started seeing ads for this place on GoK. But it's really unclear if this is only a wholesale store for businesses, or if it's a shop open to the general public. Clarification would be great, please!!!

TROUBLES (4 posts) • 0

hello coastalfire, and really thanks for this useful post. SAPORE ITALIA new location is also open to individual and private customers, so pls welcome anytime to visit us
Unfortunately we weren't able to keep the old location, this new one is a bit far away and not super convenient, but it's equally supplied of so many awesome items. We also provide home delivery service

TROUBLES (4 posts) • +2

XueFu Lu is the new location, inside the Jinding Technology Area (where Gokunming is), we are here since last May, after moved from LAOWAI’S PARADISE near Wenhuaxiang. We will be here for at least the next 5 years. Welcome!

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