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Increased anti-foreigner sentiment?

JanJal (1051 posts) • +1

Haven't been much beyond the immediate neighbourhood and couple of nearby malls, but nothing out of the "ordinary". Anecdotal as that is - works both ways you see.

fanghuo (4 posts) • 0

I went to Qujing on March 21 for a relative's birthday celebration. That evening tried to register at a Qujing hotel and was told they are not accepting foreigners at this time. They directed me to another hotel where the message was the same, no foreigners. I was told these hotels previously accepted foreigners. Fortunately was able to spend the night at my relative's place.

The next day before leaving the housing block, we were stopped by members of the local neighborhood watch committee who asked what the foreigner was doing and where he had been. My wife and step-son, both Chinese, had to fill out a questionnaire on their cell phones. To my surprise they didn't ask me any questions or request my passport. The whole operation took about 20 minutes and then we left for Kunming.

Here in Kunming, when I hopped on a local bus I showed my passport in lieu of snapping the QR code on my cell phone. The driver recorded the pp number in his log and asked where I was going. I said, "USA" thinking he wanted to know where I was from. He laughed and I realized he had asked what stop I would get off at. I told him and away we went.

To my surprise, several other passengers, all Chinese apparently, got on the bus and had their ID info written down on his paper log. Seems I'm not the only one who does not use WeChat or AliPay.

I wonder if and/or when China will require foreigners to have an account on their phone. No account-no visa.

Elon Musk (8 posts) • 0

in more general terms, this is creating more mistrust among people. maybe people will no longer shake hands in the future.

AusKM (2 posts) • 0

My wife recently registered our details with the people at the checkpoint in front of the entrance to our community and they were well aware that I'm a foreigner. When we drive back into the community we're both temperature checked and she scans the QR code, no issues at all. Recently though their attitude towards me has changed. We were madly flagged down after the guard doing the temperature checked realised I was a foreigner. They had us pull to the side and asked my wife a bunch of questions about me. It took a couple of phone calls and some scrolling on an iPad before they let us go. As we were leaving the guard told my wife "perhaps it would be a good idea if your husband just stays home for now".

Apart from the "advice" from the guard, I can't say I've really noticed any change in people's attitude towards me. Granted, I don't really go out all that much, but I'm still greeted by people in shops and the cashiers don't hesitate to interact with me.

AlPage48 (1195 posts) • 0

Is there any further information on WHERE these requests for health certificates were happening?

If it's on the street or at the local PSB it's rather useless.

I could test negative today and get a health certificate, then become infected tomorrow.

The "where" is a bit more important to me right now.

We're about to move to a new community and will get the keys on Thursday.

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