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Travel overland to India

Lanajot (61 posts) • 0

Has anyone recently traveled overland to India? Any advice about routes, borders and visas would be appreciated. We would like to end up in Delhi and need to consider flights, trains, busses, etc. Time is not an issue. Thanks!

lemon lover (891 posts) • +1

I didn’t hear of resent changes but the states on both side of the India – Myanmar border are off limits to foreigners and can only be visited with special permission which one doesn’t get as a tourist. Crossing the China – Myanmar border is possible only as an organised group by state controlled agents in Myanmar. A very costly affair.

Apparently it is possible to travel Tibet to Nepal to India but only in summer when the passes are open.

john-doe1983 (69 posts) • 0

@lanajot: We can not tell you about visa's unless you tell us where your passport is from. As visa rules are decided on a per country basis. I would suggest doing a search with a search engine like Google, baidu, duck duck go or the likes as this would give you up to date info on visa's, or simply go to the website for India and check on visa requirements, also same advice for which ever country you pass through or visit.

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