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Who's working from home / running a business here?

samboyd (4 posts) • 0

I just moved here from Shenzhen to see if I can run my business remotely. I get the feeling the majority of the expats are teachers here, any entrepreneurs or digital nomads?

Xiefei (519 posts) • 0

I guess I fit in that category. My job allows me to work anywhere, but I do have my company registered here in Kunming. I don't have a public office at the moment, mainly working at home and cafes.

samboyd (4 posts) • 0

@Huiman, I'm just interested in seeing if there is anyone in a similar boat as me, maybe interested in grabbing a cup of coffee or a bite to eat.

@Xiefei, do you have an recommendations for cafes with fast internet? I usually work from home but it'd be nice to get out every once in a while.

Huiman (13 posts) • 0

@Xiefei Recently, I'm studying on café especially targeted the Casual & Business segmentation. So, could you share some of your experience and ideas about cafés in Kunming?Appreciated ;)

@Samboyd, Why not if we got time :)
New friends always being of fun.

Xiefei (519 posts) • 0

@samboyd: Most of the net connections seem about the same. One of my favorite places to work is Elephant Books, in a back alley off of Wenhua Xiang.

It's a nice, artsy bookstore with tons of great nooks to set up for the day. They make great coffee. It's usually pretty quiet during the day, but they have a lot of people coming for readings and stuff at night.

Salvador's has a nice communal table with lots of power outlets and even ethernet cables (if you still have a port for that on your computer). I like the food and atmosphere, but I avoid it when I'm really busy, because it gets a lot of traffic and I'm always running into friends there.

Salinger Bookstore seems like a good spot too, but I've never tested it for work.

Xiefei (519 posts) • 0

@Huiman: Not sure what kind of info you're looking for. I haven't found a place in Kunming that seems to be geared towards co-working.

In Beijing, I used to go to Bookworm a lot. It was great, because in the main seating area, they had a long, high table covered in power outlets, basically sending the message: "Come here and co-work all day!" I felt that I got a lot done at that table, because I was surrounded by other people who came to do the same. Kind of a subliminal motivator effect.

Huiman (13 posts) • 0

@Xiefei Good to know the info. Just a quick question: from your perspective, surroundings/atmosphere VS drinks/snacks at a cafe, which do u value much more normally?

Thanks and cheers!

Xiefei (519 posts) • 0

Surroundings/atmosphere is a biggie for me. I'm pretty picky about my coffee, but if you have a great atmosphere (including low noise level, good wi-fi and power outlets everywhere), then I'll take that. Likewise, if you have great coffee but your place is really noisy, I'll probably come for a cup of coffee here and there on my way to a nicer place to work.

As for snacks and stuff, I like a decent amount of small things I can buy. I like to buy something every hour or so, so that I'm not freeloading off the cafe wifi and space.

laofengzi (376 posts) • 0

chapter one before 7pm. go upstairs far back booth next to the window has charging ports and fans. plus 40% discount on all drinks. also rarely people are there before 7pm so wifi is very fast.

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