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体育活动 10:00am 免费入场

Traditional Chinese Martial Art Wujiquan


Wujiquan life nourishing exercise free trial lesson in Kunming Cuihu Park.

December 9th (Saturday) 10:00 o'clock

This will be an overal introduction to Daoist system of martial arts called Wujiquan, which was unyil recently kept only in very close circle of people. Until now there are only about 500 people in the whole world(most of them in China) who practice it.

We will learn one set of life nourishing exercise. This exercise is beneficial for muscles, sinews, joints as well as internal organs.

Through continous exercise one can balnce the yin and yang in body (which means to balance the internal organs, as well as the right and left , lower and upper ,back and front side of the body) master the coordiantion between different body parts, preserve health, joyful mood and calm down the mind.

Something about me. My name is Marian I was born in Slovakia, studied different martial arts, like karate, nhat nam, shaolin kungfu since 10 years old. In 2009 I became a closed door disciple of master Yu Qingdi and 8th generation successor of Daoist martial art Wujiquan. I now teach Wujiquan mostly in Beijing. My mission is to pass down Wujiquan and make sure this rare style will not disappear, like did many other Chinese martial art styles.

For more information you can check the wechat official account(written in Chinese and English): 传统武术无极拳
or directly contact me via wechat(ID: Breznan)

Please let me know if you come in advance.

Price of this activity is voluntarly, all the money will be used to teach and preserve Wujiquan.

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