Hasta la Revolucion siempre!

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Feeling the cold? Come on down to Revolucion and forget it is winter in the fiery vibes. Get jumping!

The Revolucion Family

In 2012, Sebastien Bonnefoi, Geoffrey Gayton and Thomas Gauthier opened the first Revolucion cocktail bar in Shanghai. At the time it stood out soon enough as a cocktail bar infused with Latin elements. The initial success of the concept lead them to open nine more Revolucion cocktail bars over the past few years - eight in mainland China and one in Bangkok, Thailand. Now, they have finally come to Kunming and brought South American warmth and passion to the City of Eternal Spring.

We visited Revolucion and were quickly won over by their outstanding concept and execution. Staff is indeed warm, interesting and fun, and truly embrace their customers. When they say they want everyone to feel part of the family they are not just talking the talk, they truly mean it. They connect people with each other and make sure everyone is feeling good. It is no surprise that they have a successful business all over China: this is really something else, and very sophisticated.

DJ spins uplifting Latin-inspired tunes, feeling the crowd and livening up the special Revolucion atmosphere. People are dancing but you can also sit back and enjoy a chat at one of the tables, or in one of the booths, from where you enjoy a front-row view of the action at the bar.

Check out the video impression of Revolucion, produced by our Destination China video team:

Signature cocktails

Behind the bar two cocktail masters Geoffrey and Stan work their magic, and their showmanship is what makes Revolucion special. True masters of their craft, they not only serve distinguished concoctions but provide top-notch entertainment.

Watch all hell break loose when the bar starts jumping! When the lamps start swinging, they start performing.

Juggling fiery bottles, spinning mixers and finally jumping on the bar to pour shots in the mouths of the ecstatic crowd. It's loads of fun.

Practical information

Check out their location and events (scroll down and click on the 'events' tab under the map), and find out what's happening at Revolucion this weekend.

As the cocktail masters themselves say:

Our Revolucionarios are dedicated to providing much more than just a drink, and aim to offer a "home away from home" experience at all time.

Are you ready to join the Revolucion? Get jumping!

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