Giveaway update: A free week in stunning Guizhou

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This article was originally published on July 28. However, the dates of the free tour offered below have been changed, moved from September to October. The text below has been edited to reflect those changes.

Would you like to spend a week on the road traveling through one of China's most beautiful provinces? If so, we may have a golden opportunity for you. There are only a few remaining seats on a familiarization trip organized on behalf of the Guizhou Tourism Development Committee. But we've got you covered! We're looking for Yunnan-based aspiring writers, videographers, photographers and social media influencers who would be interested in joining us in mid-October.

A free adventure in Guizhou

Wonders of Yunnan is the largest tour operator in Yunnan, and the government of Guizhou has asked them to invite a group of China-based media creators to an adventure sports convention in the Qianxinan (黔西南) region of southern Guizhou this October. We will be visiting new outdoor sports facilities in this rapidly changing region.

We will also have VIP access to the ten billion yuan Guiyang virtual reality amusement park, visit some of the world's highest bridges, explore the region's stunning limestone scenery and even take a trip to the largest radio telescope on earth. We are looking for participants who can turn this amazing travel opportunity into both traditional and social media content to help promote Guizhou around the globe.

The trip begins on October 11 in the city of Guiyang (贵阳), and then moves on to lovely Xingyi (兴义) in the south of the province for a government-run seminar on adventure sports. Following the conference will be three days of trips exploring the rest of this spectacularly beautiful province. The tour ends on October 18.

How to join us in Guizhou

The Provincial Government is very keen to spread the word about Guizhou's development as a tourist location among the expat community. All transport costs, accommodation, meals and entry fees will be covered by provincial authorities. All you need to do is to get to Guiyang first.

To be considered for this amazing travel opportunity, please email us at marketing[at]wondersofyunnan[dot]com with details of how you plan to spread the word about Guizhou. We will write back promptly with further details. Hope to hear from you soon!

Images: Wonders of Yunnan

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