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Change your career – limited time offer

The joint GoKunming and Le Wagon springtime special will help you change your career in China. First you'll learn to code at Le Wagon Chengdu, one of the country's top programming learning centers. For a limited time — now until March 15, 2018 — if you sign up through this offer, you get:

10 percent discount on tuition (3,600 yuan value)
Internship opportunity at CloudBridge Consulting International (GoKunming's parent company) in our Chengdu or Kunming office
Career trajectory into a full-time tech career

This offer is valid for the next full-time Le Wagon coding bootcamp, which runs from April 2 - June 2.

GoKunming introduction

Southwest China's largest, most long-standing, online English-language platform, GoKunming.com, was created more than ten years ago by a linguistic and regional enthusiast and a computer programmer. Both carried through their vision to create a free, lasting and ever-growing resource devoted to connecting Yunnan province to the outside world.

Over the last six years, a new team of business-minded creators and developers reinvented the platform into the expanded company, CloudBridge — Media by Design, which now produces online products and campaigns for major government bureaus and private companies based in China. Yunnan is only the beginning. As we've experienced rapid growth, we are on track to open a satellite office in Chengdu this spring.

Le Wagon introduction

Le Wagon is a global coding bootcamp and network of tech professionals founded in Paris in 2013 and operating in Chengdu and Shanghai since late 2016. They now operate in 19 countries and have a strong alumni network of over 2,500 graduates. They offer an intensive nine-week training program that was awarded Best Coding Bootcamp 2017 by the rankings site Switchup.org. Their program brings technical skills to talented and hardworking people.

In only two months students build several web apps, including a clone of Airbnb and their own team project. We also teach how to develop within the Chinese internet ecosystem, including how to build highly sought after WeChat mini programs (小程序). Students deploy these apps and build a solid portfolio which they can use to apply to jobs and internships.

Le Wagon's graduates have a track-record in founding successful startups and becoming project managers, front or back-end developers, freelance WeChat mini program developers and much more. They work at companies and startups in Chengdu, Shanghai, Ningbo, Hong Kong, Taiwan and more.

Together with Le Wagon we welcome smart and hard-working individuals at beginner level for a fully immersive bootcamp led by both local and foreign industry professionals.

What we're looking for

Skillset focused programmers are few and far between, yet we believe they are more necessary than ever in today's modern world. Investing in yourself through a program like Le Wagon's full-stack training course is a great way towards better pay and a more fulfilling career in an ever-growing market.

Through CloudBridge's cooperation with Le Wagon, you have the chance to quickly join the company as a web development intern with a quick trajectory into a full-time, paying job. But you should expect more than just ample compensation. CloudBridge cultivates a diverse and exceptional team, where each person contributes to our creative process in every form. As the work grows, so does our team, together.

CloudBridge is actively seeking new developers and programmers. Ensuring that one has the proper high-quality toolset to be as productive as possible is an expectation we carry. Le Wagon has consistently delivered exceptional training to over 2,500 students across the globe, with a tight-knit community of over 100 graduates and mentors in China alone. Graduates go on to work as developers, project managers, and startup founders in China and around the globe. It's time to change your career. What are you waiting for? Join us now to contribute to this exciting adventure!

How to sign up

Apply to the the April 2018 batch of Le Wagon Chengdu at Le Wagon. In the 'Referrer' portion of the application, type 'GoKunming'. Submit your application and qualify for a 10 percent discount on tuition — a savings of 3600 yuan.


Applying to Le Wagon is a competitive process. Applicants are evaluated on their motivation to learn, prior experience in technology, and ability to complete preparatory work. Please keep in mind, prior coding experience is not required, but highly recommended. Admission to the Le Wagon program is not guaranteed.

If you are admitted to Le Wagon, your evaluation for the internship opportunity will be based on your overall performance in the program and on the recommendations of teachers. You should be in the top half of your class to be considered for the internship.


• 40-50 hours of Le Wagon's online "Bootcamp Prep" coursework (free of charge)
Confidence and skills to advance a career in technology
Interview and evaluation opportunity with GoKunming/CloudBridge, consisting of evaluations of Le Wagon coursework, coding ability and motivation
Membership in Le Wagon's community of 2500+ students from around the world
• Access to exclusive freelance and other job opportunities through the Le Wagon China Network


Please send inquiries to chengdu[at]lewagon[dot]com. Additional information about our program is available at Le Wagon Chengdu, or follow our WeChat official account by searching for WeChat ID: LeWagonChengdu.

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