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The Great Apes concert in Laba will more likely start around ten-ish... wanna check out Kollective Kunming in the Moondog first ;-)

I think the "Solo jazz and soul concert at TCG Nordica" will be great! looking forward!

Hey Beizhan,
Thanks for your reply. It's an interesting topic, isn't it? I think so too, especially when living in Yunnan.

It's not my company. I'm just mentioning it because I do think there are better tourisms than others. And people might not know about it...

I did some advertisement for the forum post you wrote earlier as well. Hope you can find more people to debate these world dilemmas! Let me advertise yet another company (still not mine) and their view on sustainability vs profitability:

If you ask me, I think nobody should travel... or live for that matter, it's just too bad for the environnement...
Seriously though, I like Maggie's positive note!



Looks like it's moving again to another location: passed by there yesterday and people were selling stuff in the streets but not in the market anymore. Some security guy told me it was moving to some place near the train station...


these are for rent... great bikes by the way, got one for a 4-day trip and it was perfect!


happy I found this place. It should be on the listing map, I would have found it sooner!

Not only a vegetarian restaurant, it's organic food as well. And they got a shop for organic products as well.

there's a website : <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>