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So the Chinese government blacked out your internet while North Korea launched another missile?

My connection here in KM was perfectly fine. you must be quite important. Me? Much less so.

Forums > Study > why should we learn English

Learning a second language, English or not, exposes you to new cultures, ways of thinking and helps you meet people from outside of your own country/comfort zone. All great bonuses to have regardless of what profession you may chose in life.

Forums > Living in Kunming > GMO Poison

@neddy: please stop asking the same thing over and over. Want peer-reviewed articles? Use google or baidu. It literally takes one second and if you have these sorts of questions, you can find out for yourself instead of egging people on. Now to directly contradict what I just wrote, here is a starting place:[...]


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@changkt: I very much agree with you. My sister hiked the AT in its entirety several years ago and now goes back for volunteer maintenance all the time. Having a trail system in Yunnan with that amount of dedication would be amazing. I hope it happens. Brice, 加油!

Don't know if Red Point is still going, but last year Kunming added a "6" to the beginning of all land line numbers. Try calling 63372350.

@ tommann

A few thoughts: The article says quite clearly that they confessed, making notions of 'innocent until proven guilty' a bit superfluous. Also, people writing in the forums on GoKunming don't usually issue final verdicts in Chinese courts.



I left a review of this place years ago. Was a little worried about quality when I ordered As You Like through a delivery service this time. Pizza arrived fresh and delicious and still hot. The slices of cake ordered were divine. Five years on and still a really great option!


Like the last review, I think this place is solid all around. Mostly good prices and consistently good food. Pretty nice setting too and right next to the library.


It's a shame this company is responsible for getting most air travelers in and out of Kunming. Typically delayed, fun times with lost baggage and little to no useful customer service. Yuck.


Yes its old, dingy, dark, beat up and a bit musty. But even with the new cattle pen security lines, it functions smoothly and gets the job done.


I was happy with the food and beer. The setting is very nice as well and the live music was an unexpected treat. The chef was out and about and took input both good and bad like a champ. One drawback is the inside was stiflingly hot. Luckily the outside seating is ample and comfortable.