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Forums > Living in Kunming > 2011 Kunming International Car/Auto Show

I've only seen one poster for this weekend's car show which is at the 昆明国际会展中心新馆, but I can't find any info/website about it, other than the center's home page some of which tells me nothing about this event, some of which doesn't work at all.

I've found it on the map, but just a quick question: Does anyone know how much it costs to get in?

Thanks in advance :)

Forums > Food & Drink > Metro bakery re-opened

I'm sorely disappointed actually. What happened to the racks of nice fresh breads and the white loaves they did at 5.5Kuai? When I went over the weekend and all they had that was "western" and "fresh" French sticks which felt very very hard, along with equally hard rolls and someown brand "Toast" bread which, when I got home, was very very dry.

Sad times. I hope I just went at a bad time.

Forums > Living in Kunming > treatment for intestinal parasite?

I think I'm (hopefully) coming to the end of the second bout of this in 6 months. Indeed, it sure is great for losing weight!

However, this does the adverse affect of leaving one rather weak and lethargic, so at the risk of asking a stupid question, does anyone have any tips on how to bulk up again using readily available foodstuffs here in Kunming, please?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Cars don't need to stop at this intersection?

@Dazzer: Agreed. Everyone seems to be in their own parallel universe/bubble and never ever look before turning, stopping or generally crossing your path. Although I generally find because most drive/ride/walk so slow, they notice you before they actually hit you.

When I'm riding in town, the only things I'm super cautious about (ie stop for) are buses because they just lay on the horn and plough through. But I guess they're big enough and don't care as much if you break the windscreen or scratch the paintwork.

But yeah, I get ya, act as if everyone is trying to kill you and you'll be safe. Like riding in London. Or Toronto. Only the traffic is slower here.


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I've been going here regularly for the past 9 months and love(d) it until one of the best fuwuyuan left recently. The falafel has always been great. Recently the baguettes they use for the sandwiches have been soft and tasty.

However, having said that recently they've been having regular bouts of "mei you" for more dishes on the menu than I'd expect. The smoothies are now far too sweet (more than other places in KMG - I know, it's China, they seem to like everything being more sweet than back home, be it bread or drinks)

Plus, I finally felt moved to complain that their service one evening this week was shocking even for Wenlinjie standards. Myself and a friend went in for food, I ordered a Vietnamese breakfast which is a "set" of a Spring Roll, juice, vietnamese coffee and a main dish of eggs etc. My friend ordered a falafel salad. First, they had "mei you" Spring Roll, but they refused to let me replace it with something else for the same price, or just get the rest of the breakfast a little cheaper, they completely refused to make the rest of it so I had to order something else. Second, the staff hadn't paid enough attention to the tea one of us had pointed to and gave us the wrong one.. Third, when I got my food, my friend didn't get her salad and was told it'd be along soon. My friend speaks good, almost fluent Chinese, by the way, so it wasn't so much of a communication problem

Other people came in after us, ordered, got their (cooked) food a few minutes later, but still no salad for my friend. 30 minutes later, still no salad and when we asked, we were told it'd be another 15 mins. 45 mins after ordering (and after I'd finished my food) we got so irritated, we told them we'd waited far too long, I paid for what I'd eaten and left. How long does it take to cut, wash place some lettuce and tomato on a plate with a bit of falafel?

I hope this was a one off and they get their service sorted out again, because it's normally a great, relaxed atmosphere!