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Hi all,

Do not use the one listed below. They charge more than other places and are not thorough, from my experience. Cheers!
"昆明雨霖家政服务公司 tel:5613161
jia zheng gongsi 家政公司 is a service place that usually has lots of cleaning ladies and other service workers. it seems like a agent."

Forums > Living in Kunming > Hay hispanohablantes aqui?

Thanks Chris! very helpful! will look out for events at the Hump Bar and post on the classifieds.
Hola Asafrpei, mucho gusto a conocerte por el foro. gracias por responderme. Vivia en los EEUU por unos anos y viaje a unos paises en america latina. Ya me mude a Kunming y extrano a todas las cosas de ahi. Hablamos mas por email entonces. Hasta luego!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Hay hispanohablantes aqui?

Just wanted to get in touch with the Spanish speakers....so as to keep up with my Spanish. Do you guys know of any group that gets together to practise etc? Thanks!


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