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Call me 15808700801 I've done it myself for my company here: it's not such a problem, they particularly make it easy for you if you're listed as the sole personal investor (or any investor) on the company paperwork.

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I wonder if there are any fellow nerds out there keen to play some oldschool table RPGs (D&D, Shadowrun, ...) on either a once-off or semi-regular basis.

I just moved here, stumbled on to one online and thought to throw the question out there!

I'd be amazed if anyone responded though ;)


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Accommodation-wise, there are loads of hotels in the area. You can get local taxis around the area for reasonable prices. Rooms in Chengjiang town (north of the lake) are available from around 60. Rooms in Luchong itself or other tourist-oriented locations are probably double to triple that, and will have less food options than town. We're also considering an afterparty with sailing boats (weather permitting) on sunday (23rd) at the north of the lake.

Yeah, I'm not a great fan of the ethics. Then again, at least they tend to survive rather than be mauled to death, like some of the cockfighting participants, and if you eat meat having any negative opinion on the matter is largely hypocritical.

Thanks Peter. Yes, that's my website. Lots of people have used it over the years, in fact I even saw a book published in France which had the same tattered cover reproduced from my scan! Another good read is the Khazak Exodus book which is also at

Great article Jim. I saw some impressive Miao minority inter-village bullfights south of Kaili in Guizhou circa 2004. They held them in the broad rocky river beds mid-way between villages, turning our solitary road hanging off the mountain above in to natural makeshift amphitheatre stand. All traffic stopped for the duration of the bout, in which villagers surrounded the two beasts in a human circle in an attempt to cajole them toward one another.


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