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Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming hotels near green lake park with 24 hour r

I highly recommend E-Wang Hotel on the corner of Xichang Lu and Kunshi Lu (昆明鹰王E捷酒店云南省昆明市昆师路2 / +86-871-63957000). No need to book ahead. Currently 179 @ VIP rate (ask!), circa 200 otherwise. 24 hours. Very good location with 3 minute walk to Green Lake but not affected by the annoying one-way street traffic problem around it. At the quiet end of a major night time barbeque street food market, great for meeting people and practising your Chinese. Very easy to get taxis about town and in walking distance to major foreign restaurants and nightlife locations. Nice rooms with aircon. Two free bottles of water per day - ideal for alcoholics.

I had a very bad experience with Lost Garden and would strongly recommend avoiding it. I used to run a hotel reservation network across China and having signed contracts with over 3000 hotels around the country feel it's fair to say that in general hostels are not useful in China unless you really want to save money and are in a major tourism center... you are better off with a private room for a few extra yuan, especially as security is one of your priorities. The cheaper/smaller/odder places tend to all have weird annoying issues and/or eccentric management.

Get a registered taxi from the airport - I can't remember what the toll is these days, probably something between 60-150 roughly. Meters are fair and drivers are honest in Kunming, so don't worry about being ripped off. It helps to have your destination written down in Chinese. The new airport is a long way out of town.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Moving from Kunming to Sanya

Sanya can't be too bad as a former Kunming resident American teacher friend moved there and has stayed for many years.

The interior of the island in particular has some interesting Austronesian/Tai history.

The weather in Hainan is probably better than Xiamen, and there is probably less pollution.

You can go sailing in either place.

In Sanya you can go surfing, have the option to learn Russian, and they speak Mandarin instead of Fujian Hua which will likely be better for the development your Chinese language skills.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Advice: Diqing to Kunming but less touristy?

If you are looking for stops in between Xianggelila and Kunming, I would recommend Baishuitai. It has nice mineral terraces and a walk in the forest above the town is breathtakingly beautiful. Since it's mushroom season the locals may take you up picking. You can climb 1000m from there, it's pristine Himalayan pine forest. From there you can continue to Tiger Leaping Gorge via Haba, and either get the ferry across the river or hike the gorge backwards (maybe even for free).

Past there, check out Shibaoshan. To get there, just get any bus headed toward Dali or Kunming from the western end of TLG, then jump off at the turnoff to Jianchuan. You want to get a bus down Jianchuan way, get a room in Jianchuan, then walk up to Shibaoshan yourself the next day. It's a fair walk but definitely doable return. Alternatively, stay in Shaxi and do it from there.

You could also look at visiting Jizushan northeast of Dali's Erhai lake, or even Chenghai or Lugu Lake (after a boat across from TLG's eastern end), instead of going to Shibaoshan.

Between any of those places and Kunming is Chuxiong, which is also a great place to be in mushroom season, and has a dinosaur theme park based on its fossil vein as well.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Sidecar Motorcycle

Definitely speak to the owners of Bad Monkey bar in Dali. The guy has a huge collection and is an escaped/retired professional classic car mechanic.


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Peter99: Unsurprising. Source?

Yelp1719: Have photographs, send me an email or private message and I can probably email them to you. For copyright reasons I wont post them online. (Nat Geo still try to sell their really old photos!)

I uncovered a really interesting article in an old national geographic about the American GIs of the period.

At night they used to drive their jeeps to a nightclub called the 'United Nations Club' and drink 'air raid juice' which was probably baijiu and apparently resulted in their inability to find their way home.

Nice to see some things haven't changed, even if it's the locals now driving and the Americans catch taxis.

The sense that Singapore is a general soul-free zone, fake democracy cum dynastic oligarchy carved deceitfully out of a platform of popular communism, and general US military ally and all 'round lackey.

bexkmg: Better to get a bus out of town, eg. from south bus station to Chengjiang or Yuxi. Personally I would recommend cycling from Chengjiang (where I usually live), down the east side of Fuxian lake, then there's a hilly section! If you prefer relative flat with less impressive scenery and more traffic, do the west side instead, via Jiangchuan. After either route, you should get to Tonghai. From Tonghai, there are two roads - the direct highway (veer left at the top of the hill; probably an old version of which also exists), or one of the best roads in the whole province, the road to Shiping (veer right at the top of the hill). The road to Shiping has lots of hills but is extremely beautiful and has a really long downward slope toward the end. Very little traffic, excellent surface, wild scenery. Once you're near Shiping, just head east in to Jianshui (via the bridge, Tuanshan, etc. which lie half-way between the two towns). Once there, you may as well continue on the old road to Gejiu (low traffic again) via swallow cave, then get up early in the morning to illegally cycle (with lights for safety!) through the tunnel to the south of Gejiu and enjoy the tropical descent to the Red River valley. Left for Vietnam, right for Yuanyang rice terraces (bit more up to go!)


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