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Most restaurants and cafes have consumer-grade DSL or similar. Reliable is not the word I would use, but then we're in China - even a private connection is inoperable internationally between about 5-10PM. A 4G box will be faster.

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Nice interest. I would be interested in planting some stuff down in Chengjiang on my roof if you want to give me some seeds to germinate.


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Peter99: Unsurprising. Source?

Yelp1719: Have photographs, send me an email or private message and I can probably email them to you. For copyright reasons I wont post them online. (Nat Geo still try to sell their really old photos!)

I uncovered a really interesting article in an old national geographic about the American GIs of the period.

At night they used to drive their jeeps to a nightclub called the 'United Nations Club' and drink 'air raid juice' which was probably baijiu and apparently resulted in their inability to find their way home.

Nice to see some things haven't changed, even if it's the locals now driving and the Americans catch taxis.

The sense that Singapore is a general soul-free zone, fake democracy cum dynastic oligarchy carved deceitfully out of a platform of popular communism, and general US military ally and all 'round lackey.

bexkmg: Better to get a bus out of town, eg. from south bus station to Chengjiang or Yuxi. Personally I would recommend cycling from Chengjiang (where I usually live), down the east side of Fuxian lake, then there's a hilly section! If you prefer relative flat with less impressive scenery and more traffic, do the west side instead, via Jiangchuan. After either route, you should get to Tonghai. From Tonghai, there are two roads - the direct highway (veer left at the top of the hill; probably an old version of which also exists), or one of the best roads in the whole province, the road to Shiping (veer right at the top of the hill). The road to Shiping has lots of hills but is extremely beautiful and has a really long downward slope toward the end. Very little traffic, excellent surface, wild scenery. Once you're near Shiping, just head east in to Jianshui (via the bridge, Tuanshan, etc. which lie half-way between the two towns). Once there, you may as well continue on the old road to Gejiu (low traffic again) via swallow cave, then get up early in the morning to illegally cycle (with lights for safety!) through the tunnel to the south of Gejiu and enjoy the tropical descent to the Red River valley. Left for Vietnam, right for Yuanyang rice terraces (bit more up to go!)


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