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Most restaurants and cafes have consumer-grade DSL or similar. Reliable is not the word I would use, but then we're in China - even a private connection is inoperable internationally between about 5-10PM. A 4G box will be faster.

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Nice interest. I would be interested in planting some stuff down in Chengjiang on my roof if you want to give me some seeds to germinate.


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Also, on the library thing: it seems pretty corrupt taking irreplaceable works from public institution and putting them in an exclusive and expensive environment for private patrons. It's not the first time I've seen this sort of thing going on in China: as early as a decade ago, Tianjin had expensive restaurants which would 'borrow' ancient artefacts directly form museums for decoration.

Also... "the hamlet of Tengyue (腾越)" is wrong.

Tengyue is in fact the old name for Tengchong (腾冲), which far from being a hamlet was the last major commercial center on the southwest silk road en-route to Burma and India after Baoshan (保山).

Numerous families in the Tengchong area derived great wealth from the Burma trade, much from jade and opium. The first private museum in Yunnan opened nearby in the last decade or so. Lots of wealthy Chinese in Southeast Asia trace their roots back to the area.

Pinyin is wrong, "sanfang yijiaobi" (三房一照壁) should be "sanfang yizhaobi". Also, "Dai-style" should be "Bai-style".


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