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Forums > Living in Kunming > Finding a mountain bike on a budget


Anyway, the reason I would suggest buying off a foreigner is that typically they aren't in China very long, so sometimes you can get a bike in basically brand new condition. The ones at the used bike stores tend to be a little more beaten up (and sometimes stolen). I bought a Merida Duke off a coworker for 1000. It was 3600 new, and the bike was in mint condition.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Finding a mountain bike on a budget

It depends on how you define "mountain bike". A lot of people these days claim only the downhill bikes with high end suspension forks are the "real" mountain bikes, which is nonsense of course. I'll assume you just want a bike that can ride on trails.

It also depends on how you define "decent". I consider decent to be something with a cleanly welded frame, and a mid-level groupset such as Shimano Altus, Acera or Alivio. If you cheap out and get a bike with low end components (like Tourney or even lower), the springs and mechanisms will rust or wear out quickly, or require constant tuning. In my opinion, if you buy new you won't get anything decent for less than 1200RMB unless you are really lucky.

My personal recommendation is to buy second hand. Depreciation on bikes is astronomical. 700 will get you a well equipped second hand bike that cost 2000+ when new. Normally the best way you can get these is from other foreigners who are leaving China, but I've also seen some pretty good deals in bike shops. Don't worry about some minor scratches as long as everything works. Just spend 100-200 more to get new tires and brakepads, and you're good.

BTW is Merida German? I was pretty sure it was Taiwanese.

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I'm sure just about any flavour could be made to taste good if you add enough sugar.

In China cheese flavoured icecream and yoghurt is already pretty popular, so blue cheese isn't much of a stretch. They probably just added blue food colouring.


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Isn't the government trying to shift away from dirty coal powered plants, to embrace "cleaner" energy like hydro, nuclear and natural gas? Considering over 70% of their electricity comes from coal, I really don't understand how you can have too much hydro. Is the energy source too far away from the demand?

Xiefei, of course the system is designed to be able better monitor everyone's movements, not just foreigners. Everyone knows you can easily be tracked with your phone. Now there is yet another tool to keep better tabs on you. I won't be putting one on my bike, thanks.

I was just taking a cheap shot at those abusing student and travel visas.

I just found this article today:

Now the opening date has been pushed back to late 2017 or early 2018.

I like how in the original gokunming article it stated "No cost estimates for the project were provided." That certainly turned out to be a major issue with regards to meeting the 2-3 year completion target. I guess I can't say I'm surprised considering Yunnan is known for poor work ethic and corrupt civil servants.

As far as I can tell, Erhai is getting least the shoreline, mostly due to tourists throwing garbage into the lake, and lakefront hotels dumping in untreated sewage. I'm super depressed about the environmental situation in Dali, especially the air quality.


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