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Forums > Living in Kunming > visa extension in kunming

Confirmed! I just came past the VISA office and it was open for business. There is some minor problem with the construction. The sidewalk is now only open on the east side of Beijing Lu which really makes no difference anymore since the little road (Shang Yi Jie) between Dongfeng Lu and Tuodong Lu is also closed off at that point.

Forums > Living in Kunming > visa extension in kunming

When we've applied for VISA extension here the form allowed us to put in the requested expiry date, so you would not just be restricted to 30 or 60 days.

I'm interested (as are others) about where the PSB might be relocated since we'll need to extend VISAS again in a few months. I'll be downtown today and will see if I can get any info.


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Had my first ever visit to Slice of Heaven last night for a group party. Barbara recognized me as a newcomer and immediately came to welcome me and introduce herself.

While speaking with her at the counter, a server walked past with a pizza for one table. The aroma immediately caught my attention. It was awesome.

Our group shared 4 different pizzas. All were amazing. I think the sauce really makes the difference since it was very flavourful. I also put back to cups of cappuccino. I guess they must have fixed problems noted in other reviews because I found it to be quite good.

If I lived closer I would be a regular here.