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Forums > Living in Kunming > Why I love Chinese women

No, I'm a womanizer, it is a bit different. But I tasted every flavor in the ice cream shop of Kunming, and now I am abroad, dating a woman who flosses her teeth.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Dear Foreign Musicians

guys, your music "union" won't be a problem, as long as it is not official, go ahead and do it. You are not going to get out of being exploited, so get exploited at a better rate and take the extra free time and money it gets you and put your energy into the non-monkey show music scene.

Don't listen to Marc, who equated working class musicians playing music without papers to factory owners skirting environmental law to make more profits.

Lots of expats are going to harangue you with their naive, almost religious, views about "the market", but don't let them stop you.

Bu the way, English teachers need exactly the same thing, but I think Kunming musicians can get it done way easier since there are less transients among their ranks. Best of luck.

And yes the KM music scene totally sucks, can't believe there are those who haven't heard that. But that's not condemnation, it should be given massive credit for even existing in a place like Kunming.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Why I love Chinese women

Agree with Mars rising.
World's worst breath. Flat pancake behinds, man hips, childish, jealous, less than culturally literate, foreigners to the gym, not well rounded in terms of skills... list goes on. The OP's point I agree with-considerate is sweet, but sorry it is not enough. The good news is that these are just China's girls, they are not necessarily the most Chinese. Some great Chinese women in other countries though.

Forums > Living in Kunming > What is Kunming like?


Just to play devil's advocate, I would say that almost no city in china is relaxed by international standards. Kunming is no exception. A few places in Yunnan would fit that bill, but I wouldn't call them cities. With Kunming, I think the positives are fairly obvious and already mentioned. So here are some less rosey "cons"-perhaps opinions, perhaps facts:

-many people aren't that honest or considerate, and get angry fairly easily (though less violent and confrontational than many in dongbei).
-people are shy, and not usually outgoing.

-it is not as clean as they say.

-food is edible, but not exactly top notch.
-there is very little culture, in the sense of evolving engagements with art, music, philosophy,writing, architecture, and debate. People are interested in very little besides comfort.

-relaxation, apathy, laziness, and indifference seem to be the same thing here. If you don't think those words need naturally go together, be forewarned.
- the dialect is harsh and noisey, though if you can live with that, it does have character and rich vocabulary.
-Kunming is boring, there is not much to do. Local people sing ktv, play ma jiang, play cards, shop, drink, eat, watch tv, rinse and repeat.

-it is easy to find nice people, but just try finding nice, interesting people.
-Kunming is mostly not that pretty, not anymore anyway. Most of it is a bit ugly, And the streets are often dirty.
-If you want relaxed, clean, sunny and pretty, somewhere else in Yunnan would be better. If you want vibrant, active, interesting communities, skip Yunnan altogether.

-Kunming is not a hot place to move for many in china, with the exception of seniors who come for the mild weather and low costs (except rent), or workers from particular industries. It is more of a jumping off point or stopover connecting people to Dali, Lijiang, southeast asia, etc.

Some quantum paleontologist will now jump on and attack my comments as clueless I am sure. Happy new year to them. I have been here awhile and could summon an army of people to agree with my above comments. So take them with a grain of salt, but they are not unusual observations, despite whatever the tourist sites say.


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Easily my favorite Korean place in Kunming. Friendly, honest, service. Flexible menu, actual Korean chef, not pricey, not fancy- but clean, fresh, fast.

They can speak good Mandarin and Korean, coming from the USA I simply know the Korean names of Korean dishes, so that it is nice to be able to request stuff without knowing the Chinese names for Korean food.

Really like the variety of cultured vegetables.

Only complaint is that they close too early (9:30-ish), and don't really have desserts (like most Chinese restaurants). A little bit out of the way, about 10 minutes from Jiaoling Lu by bike.