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Forums > Living in Kunming > ELECTRONIC MUSIC in KUNMING?

I've been going out a lot in Kunming, and music that is played in bars/clubs is horrible. Absolutely frustrating for a clubber who went to all major techno/house/tech house/minimal/progressive/drum'n'bass/electronic music festivals worldwide. So, does anyone know about some club/bar/whatever in Kunming or Yunnan that plays some serious electro music?

Forums > Study > Keats School

I agree with some of the people posted above me. I went to Keats for a month, October 2010, and it's hassle free, but that comes with a price. And it's kinda high price, comparing to other, alternative options of studying mandarin. But, my teacher was excellent. If u have money to pay, it is worth it, but def not the only way to learn mandarin. Good luck


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