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Forums > Living in Kunming > Anyone try the "extra luggage" guy in the clasifieds?

Uh... We don't hijack your goods.

The above gentleman's enquiry was for delivery from South Korea to China, since we don't have a partner there we couldn't offer anything much and that's a pity.

If you are planning on travelling abroad from Kunming and have excess luggage over 45 kg, you may consider contacting me for an estimation. Thanks.


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On the last sign ("nothing is possible"), the focus invariably falls on the handwritten mobile number and the word "办正" (forged licences) at the upper-right corner... As is typically seen on all kinds of outdoor posters, signs and other public places (such as men's room) nowadays.

What's even more comical is that the guy used the wrong character "" (meaning correct or straight) instead of "" (licence or certificate).

According to the 2nd link provided, the explosion was caused by improper handling of a gas tank... The deceased was the same guy who brought the tank into Salvador's and accidentally made it explode


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