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Forums > Living in Kunming > Professional Printing Services in Kunming

I dunno if you've tried Caisheng Alley (财盛巷)? It's a small fork that extends from Mid Renmin Rd (人民中路) close to the Qinnian Rd (青年路)-Mid Renmin Rd crossing. This is (one of) the main area(s) where numerous print shops are gathered:[...]

Or you may just wanna try Jinlun Digital Graphics and Documents (金伦数码图文); they are pretty big and have lots of branches in the city and definitely able to fulfill your needs. I haven't found much info online so you should try to ring 114!

Forums > Living in Kunming > donating older computers?

A friend and former colleague (sort of) of mine might have some use for it. We've been out of touch since 'bout one year ago when I relocated to Jiangsu on a different job assignment, though.

I've sent the link to your post to her in an email... So we'll see.

Thanks for the info and have a nice day. ;-)

Forums > Study > Kunming Slang!!

Yes, the numbers stand for the tones:

1: flat
2: risin'
3: dip then rise again
4: droppin'
0: toneless

Actually I haven't yet decided on an exact way to represent the tones of Kunming dialect. Academically speakin' there're only 4 tones in Kunming dialect (some say 4 1/2 for mandarin and 3 1/2 for Kunming hua); they are generally less sharp and somewhat languid compared to Mandarin. The thing is, if you follow the pronunciation I've provided above what you'll get is similar to what we call Ma Pu (Mandarin from Ma Street) - meanin' mandarin with a heavy local accent - this is because there's no established phonetics system for Kunming hua... Yet, if you pay attention to how the locals pronounce (in terms of tone and element differences) it's only a matter of time before you can figure it out.

Enjoy yourself in Kunming!

Forums > Study > Kunming Slang!!

What we call Kunming hua (Kunming dialect) today isn't exactly what we'd call Kunming hua, say, 20 years ago. As can be imagined, all various dialects of China have undergone a passive process of assimilation by becoming more and more like mandarin. Just like every urban landscape in China is becoming more and more of an identical collection of concrete and steel.

Below are a few examples of what can be fashionably referred to as "Kunming slang". Hope you find 'em somewhat amusin'.

Good job! (used to describe sth. of good quality) = 板扎 (ban3 zha2)

Oh, my God! (to express shock, disbelief etc.) = 买买三 (mai3 mai3 san0)

Interesting, amusing = 太仙啦 (tai4 xian1 la0)

Comical, ridiculous = 太雀啦 (tai4 que4 la0)

Mean, abnoxious = 槽耐 (cao2 nai4)

to argue speciously = 强搜刚 (qiang2 sou1 gan1)

Disgusting, appalling = 捂俗 (wu1 su2)

To challenge someone, unwilling to submit = 枪的起 (qiang1 de0 qi2)

Stubborn, unwilling to accept advice = 日鼓的 (ri4 gu3 de0)

Vicious = 拔毒 (ba2 du2)

Bottom fishing, rob the house when it's on fire = 捡豁皮 (jian3 huo1 pi2)

Shabby = 偻馊 (lou2 sou1)

to take advantage of = 占马门 (zhan4 ma3 men2)

useless, good-for-nothing = 日脓 (ri4 nong2)

Feeling cross = 心收不滑耍 (xin1 shou1 bu4 hua2 shua3)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Where to buy Wii in Kunming

Try Kunming Wushuang Games (昆明无双电玩), I've personally bought two PSP's and one NDSL there. They (a couple) provide authentic products and are very friendly and helpful.

Address: Booth A9, 4F, Tower A, Baiteng Digital Plaza, No. 121 North Yuantong Rd
Phone: 156 8785 2272
QQ: 9155 89572

You may need to take a Chinese person with you, though.


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On the last sign ("nothing is possible"), the focus invariably falls on the handwritten mobile number and the word "办正" (forged licences) at the upper-right corner... As is typically seen on all kinds of outdoor posters, signs and other public places (such as men's room) nowadays.

What's even more comical is that the guy used the wrong character "" (meaning correct or straight) instead of "" (licence or certificate).

According to the 2nd link provided, the explosion was caused by improper handling of a gas tank... The deceased was the same guy who brought the tank into Salvador's and accidentally made it explode


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