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Forums > Living in Kunming > Please advise a phone

@somenick: Just buy it online, it will most likely come from their Chengdu warehouse... just bought a XiaoMi TV and it arrived two days after purchase. We bought lot of stuff there for family members, friends and for us in the past and there was not any problem so far. Prices in Kunming are higher, that's right.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Please advise a phone

@somenick: Are you talking about iphones? ;) I'm using XiaoMi since they came to the chinese market and don't have any problems with chinese spy's until now... but i have nothing to hide. Their quality is great, price more than reasonable and their MIUI is also a big +.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Driven to Kill


No need to say sorry, already knew it but it's also good to know for others.

Don't mind the old China-hands here, they're a bit over-sensitive whatever thread is popping up, there must be some conspiracy behind it.

I guess it's just aging guys on the silly hunt for imaginary boogie-men. They like calling them Matt, Marcuschen, BB4L78 a.s.o. in the believe it's one person.

And soon i will get the s**tstorm for my post... just wait for it.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Long range e-bike?


Unfortunatly i dont have this in written form, but it is illegal to carry a passenger on e-scooter except kids. Makes not really sense to me, but as tigertiger mentioned it's because of the no-insurance issue. That's why lot of passengers jump from the bike as soon as they see police on an intersection. I had luck several times because i told them that i didn't know (laowai bonus). Approaching intersections i would recommend you to be careful.

The e-scooters nowadays are really powerful, but you have to keep in mind that after a year you most likely will have to change the batteries if you go full power (+passenger) from the beginning. Problem with lead-acid batteries is, they get weaker no matter if you drive or not. Better having them on the charger if you don't drive, they will thank you with constant power and a longer life-span. Also better not let them drain to the lowest level, you can charge them everyday even if there is still power left. (they dont have any memory-effect)

Some tips: Depending on what you need (Speed, Power or best of two worlds) you have to look into numbers. If you go with 1000-1500W machinery for example, you probably can go as fast as 70-80km/h, but only for about 30-35km max. and than you have to charge the batteries. Most of the fancy scooters are like this, had one... lost it and bought a common one again. A reliable configuration (best of both worlds) is 72V/600-800W/50A, you will have enough power, mid-speed and range.
Also keep in mind that every 12V more in batteries is more weight, for example on 72V your scooter will sport 6x heavy batteries.
The scooter i drive at the moment is 72V/800W/50A and compared with the scooters i had it is a beast, but also a much more heavier one because of the 50A batteries. On one full charge it will go 70-75km with throttle at full-speed most of the time. The manual states 120-150km, but that is most likely on the lowest speedlevel and with brand-new batteries. Also make sure, that you have good brakes installed because you will need them. Best for me is disc-brake in front and drum-brake in the rear. Have fun, drive safe and don't forget to install a real car-horn! ;)


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And again it can be seen, there are lot of mentally retarded people in the departments! I just can laugh about the rich talking ... saying farmers are uncivilized. I know the countryside well and must say, that are two different worlds. They are much more civilized than this "poor" rich piggie-pigs. On top of that, the village folks are warm-hearted and rich of knowledge about nature. ;)

Back to this guy, 1 year in a jail with some horny inmates should slow his "temper" down.


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