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Forums > Study > snowden is so cool

Snowden of couse had a good life in Hawaii, and so irresistible not only chinese woman, however, he has exchanged his physical free for talking free.

Forums > Study > snowden is so cool


Hey, I read your public profile, I think you are a cool guy with good sense of humor.

Forums > Study > snowden is so cool


Yeah,,, I love him, how much I wish he could hide in my bedroom, haha...

Forums > Study > write poem here


sun smiling
icecream melting
grasses growing at the mid night
bugs crawling under the sewer
clouds moving in the azure sky
raindrops dancing
lovers kissing
leaves floating on the water
fishes swimming in the pool
ants building homes
brain thinking
blood flowing
hunter staring at the afar mountain
black bear feeding
wind roaring
air sultry
a full moon hunging on the dark sky
the baby is sleeping

grandmom is sleeping peacefully
the poor are picking food on the street
the rich gamble in the cruise
scarlet roses is fading in the backyard
a skyline between infinite sky and sea
stone falling into deepest ocean valley


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