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Forums > Living in Kunming > Changing money in Kunming

Thank you so much everybody for all of the responses. Good answers to all of the questions. in short I'll recommend my guests to try their NZ eftpos (atm) cards and have US dollars as a backup.

@TICexpats what's a number 6 uncle?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Changing money in Kunming

I did search through the older threads but I couldn't find the info that I needed.

I have relatives visiting from NZ and I wanted to know where is the best place to change their money into RMB. Does the new airport have reputable fair money changers? And will they need to first have US dollars or Euros etc to convert in to RMB?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Forums > Living in Kunming > Microsoft Word

I recently lost all programs on computer and the people who fixed it up could only install a Chinese language copy of Word 2003 that I cannot use and which will not even open my existing Word files.

I'd like to buy a copy of Word (the year is not too important) in English that I can install on my computer. I do not want to buy online as I hate using my credit card and I'm something of a luddite. Does anyone have a copy on disc or memory stick that they'd be willing to sell?

P.S. I have put this in the Wanted section of the classifieds as well. I just hope it is more visible here - until it is picked up by an admin and shifted to the classifieds anyway.

Forums > Study > Chinese lessons on a Saturday

Thanks for your reply Spring

Actually my wife is Chinese and I live with her family so I get to speak a little every day. I had hopes that I would just magically pick up Mandarin but I've discovered that I really need a structured lesson plan to push on.

I have tried online lessons but, because I am busy, I find ways to avoid doing what I need to. Thats why I'd like to attend a school or employ a professional tutor.

Again, any advice would be most welcome.

Forums > Study > Chinese lessons on a Saturday

Hi there. I'd like to attend a Chinese class on Saturday mornings. I know there are plenty of posts and comments on different schools but my time is not really flexible as I work during the rest of the week, 9 AM to 1 or 2 PM would be ideal.

My level is somewhere between beginner and intermediate.
Any suggestions on good schools, prices etc would be much appreciated


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A great weekend of rugby was had by all


Kunming vs Wuhan 24-12
Beijing vs Chengdu 22-14

Kunming vs Beijing 21-28
Chengdu vs Wuhan 38-33

Chengdu vs Kunming 45-5
Beijing vs Wuhan 45-5

Kunming vs Wuhan (game one) 12-5
Kunming vs Wuhan 15-0

Beijing Aardvarks took the men's trophy and the Kunming ladies claimed the women's trophy!

A massive thank you to our sponsors Coca Cola Swire Yunnan and O'Reilly's Irish Pub for all of theior support, our first aiders and everyone who helped with the organisation.

Thank you too to all of the players from all of the teams and all of the Kunming supporters who came out to watch. See you next year!

Here is the schedule for Saturday's games. Kunming matches are in capital letters.

10:00 Guangzhou vs Chongqing


11:40 Chongqing vs Xiamen/Chengdu


1:10 Chengdu Women vs Xiamen Women
1:45 Guangzhou vs Xiamen/Chengdu
2:30 Xiamen Women vs Chengdu Women


Cheers JJ

We'll do you proud but i wish you were here to ref!


PS A massive thank you to all of our excellent and generous sponsors for this event. It's going to be an epic weekend

I hadn't looked at the photos before I posted them. Having done so they're nothing special. I was at Lugu Lu recently and it really is beautiful - I just hope it lasts. It's got a way to go but the warning signs of a mass tourism ala Lijiang are all in place



The Flying Tigers are kicking off a new season this Saturday (September 14) with a social game of touch rugby.

Everybody is welcome and no experience is necessary.

The club will provide beer at the match. There will be an after-party at O'Reilly's Irish pub after the game.

Contact the club at [email protected] for more information.


Fantastic place. Live sports as per promised with football, rugby, basketball, golf and so on.

For the food, I've only had the cheeseburger so far and it was pretty damn good. Better yet it came with proper hot chips and not crisps.

Friendly, knowledgable staff as well.


I went to The Box today to try the pizza. I've been several times before for beers and enjoy the ambience. Sitting upstairs I heard the alarm on my scooter outside which wasn't visible through the window and running to the stairs I nailed my head on the low ceiling. This is NOT a condemnation of said ceiling. Rather I was completely humbled by how out of the way the two ladies on duty went to help me. One of them even went to their own home to get me some medicine. I knew about the ceiling (and the name of the bar is a pretty good clue) so I blame no one but myself for smashing my head.

The pizza, incidentally, was fantastic with an authentic base. It was very light on the toppings however