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Forums > Living in Kunming > Watch repair

Thank you @iteach and @michael 2015 (I saw nothing wrong with your post. I don't think I have the skills/patience to do it myself but all helpful suggestions welcome).

I confess I haven't had time (no pun intended) to do it yet but this weekend I will try Tiger or iTeach's suggestion and I'll post back here with the results

Forums > Living in Kunming > Watch repair

Because I like the watch, it was a gift and has sentimental value, it can most likely be easily fixed and for cheaper than the price of a new watch.

Good enough for you?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Watch repair

Hi all.

I have a wind up watch that needs repairing. The leather (?) strap has worn away, the time has stopped and the little dial that sets time and date has come off (but I still have it).

I'm resurrecting this post because it is 5 years old and I was just wondering if any of the places were still open or if anyone has a better/different recommendation especially in the North.

Thank you for any responses!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Women's Sports Group

Hi @polarbear71 Kunming Rugby has a mens and a womens team. New hplayers of ability are always welcome.

We have a mixed game of touch today (21/07) at the Yunnan University of Finance and Economics.

You can find the address here:[...]

Note that we are starting at 1 PM today NOT 2 PM.

You - and anybody else -are very welcome to join!


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The Flying Tigers are kicking off a new season this Saturday (September 14) with a social game of touch rugby.

Everybody is welcome and no experience is necessary.

The club will provide beer at the match. There will be an after-party at O'Reilly's Irish pub after the game.

Contact the club at for more information.


Fantastic place. Live sports as per promised with football, rugby, basketball, golf and so on.

For the food, I've only had the cheeseburger so far and it was pretty damn good. Better yet it came with proper hot chips and not crisps.

Friendly, knowledgable staff as well.