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My family has 1 year multi-entry tourist (L) visas and I have a multi-entry student (X) visa. I'm suposed to get a residence permit within 30 days and when my family initially got their 1 year visas, they didn't plan on any stays longer than 30 days so their visas currently say they have to leave every 30 days.

Currently, they plan on being here with me the entire time. We're working on getting them added to my student visa (Yunnan University said they'd help with that) but the issue we have is that we haven't found a place to live yet and our initial 30 days is already up. Is there a way to get an extension to the original 30 days for myself and my family without having to go to Hong Kong or Vietnam or without having to pay 900~RMB at the Kunming Visa Office?

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I'm on a scholarship that will pay for me to attend graduate school for two years in Kunming as long as it is in a liberal art. I would like to study Anthropology (人类学) at 云大 starting this coming fall semester (AUG-SEP) but I have been having a pretty hard time figuring out the application process. Everything I and my Chinese teacher have been able to find is for the Foreign Student Language and Culture programs and not for an acutal graduate program. I'm headed over to check out the city and the schools the first week in March and can probably take care of most of this face-to-face, but I'd like to at least lay some of the ground work ahead of time. Any help is appreciated.



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My boys are all grown up! So proud of you guys and what you're accomplishing with the club. Wish I could be there to see it, but glad I didn't have to be there to plan it!

Good luck on Saturday. Teddy, try no to get puked on Saturday night.


Does anybody know if the banks here will exchange RMB for USD? I assume the actual money exchanges at the airport or near Shuncheng shopping center will, but I'm guessing the banks give a bit better exchange rate.

Kunming Flying Tigers!

This game will definitely be a good one and how can you beat free admission? I hear the African Drums will be playing at the game too!

When did we get shortened to just "the Tigers"?



I have to update my earlier review. The food is still great but it seems that if the owners are working, everything is great. If the owners aren't there the service and the kitchen staff in particular is very poor. Today I tried to order two plates of pancakes for my kids. Breakfast is advertised until 5pm, but at 10am Iwas told they only had enough batter for one pancake and that they would not be making any more today. That's just terrible service. If you're only going to make one batch of pancake batter a day or don't have a kitchen staff that knows how to make more, don't advertise breakfast so late into the day.


Friendly, good at design, and easy to work with. They have a good variety of different card stock and the turn-around was only 3 days. The quality on the cards was very good as well.