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Forums > Living in Kunming > Anti Thief and Pickpocket rules in Kunming or how to avoid beeing robbed

I used to think leaving valuables at home was the the best place, until it got robbed. Like Xiefei mentioned, thieves have access to the tools that make picking door locks a breeze. Apparently, that's what they used on my place, and it was bolted.

It helps to live in a more secure environment i.e. within the 2nd ring road, newer xiao qu, security guards (although I usually find the 保安 to be completely useless), buzz-in front door, window bars, security door 防盗门, watchful neighbors. A safe would be ideal; otherwise, try to hide valuables in less conspicuous places. The thieves went straight for the bedrooms (wardrobes, in particular). They were in and out in probably a few minutes.

Don't underestimate the thieves here; they're pretty 厉害
I know someone whose 10th floor apartment was broken into by spidermen. The footprints on the wall leading up to the apartment were actually visible.

Pickpockets usually work in teams, and they can be the least suspicious-looking young girl or mom with a kid. You don't need to be paranoid but always aware.


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I went to renew my L visa yesterday. Apparently, another new rule since Sept. 1 requires all foreigners to get visa photos taken at the on-site photo shop. They upload the photo to the PSB database and give you a scanned copy with photos. This added step will set you back another 30 kuai.

I saw groups of students accompanied by a school representative applying for visas so it's possible the school can't take care of the visa like they they used to; you might have to go in person now.

Anyway, don't bother to get photos done beforehand. They won't be any good.



Beware of those "free" classes being advertised. Last year when I was a student there, a few weeks into the semester, they changed their tune and decided to charge for the previously "free" class. We either had to pay or or drop out. It's sad how obviously cheap and greedy the management (laoban) is.


It's definitely not worth the price, made the mistake of going there today. Service was decent; however, it was empty.


I would say it's really hit or miss. Since the last miss, which was really bad -- all 6 of us (different nationalities) got serious food poisoning, I haven't been back.