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Forums > Living in Kunming > Paul's shop, Jian Shi Rd address?

Also, there's a little-known baking shop right across the street from Salvador's. If you're facing out the door of Sal's, there's a stand in an alley at the entrance of a residential building right across the street. The stand sells drinks and cigarettes. If you go past that stand and turn right, there is a lady who keeps a baking shop there on the first floor. She has a surprisingly large variety of stuff. Standing mixers, vanilla, coconut flakes, powdered sugar, etc.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > 10-year Indian Visa?

I am planning to take advantage of the direct flight between Kunming and Kolkata. It seems that US and Canadian citizens are able to get 10-year visas for India. Has anyone done this? Did you do it in China or in your home country?



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Lovely restaurant with top-notch service and fantastic food. I love all the beets, avocados, brussels sprouts, asparagus, quinoa, and tempeh. At first glance of their new menu I was overjoyed to see so much deliciousness, then nearly passed right out from elation when I noticed most of it is vegan! In all seriousness though I can't say enough about how wonderful this place is. Highly highly recommend!


Best pizza in town. Slice of Heaven's a close second, and a better value on their 20kuai pizza Fridays, but overall taste and selection goes to Lost Garden, hands down. I went there for the 3rd or 4th time for the pizza night last week. We sat on their roof terrace, which has been re-done very nicely since the last time I was there. The service was reasonable, and the waitresses even spoke some English! On a previous visit I had a pumpkin soup and a baked pasta, both delicious and well-presented. Anecdote: I was there once on a cold day a couple of months ago and the foreign manager (owner?) made my friend and I hot toddies upon request, even though they're not on the menu, and they were pretty much perfect. I have nothing negative to say about this place.