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we have a bar on wa cang lu and its very close to dong fang lu .Ive you need a nice place with many chairs and table.stop looking and call us 13888436787 moondog

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hello i live in kunming now for 1 year and i got married in december,because i am married i have a visa for 1 year,every month the nearby policestation calls my wife to tell her i have to come down to the office and fill in my signature,i have asked my loawai friends ive they have to do this but they havent.does anybody know why i have to do this


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there is a new bar in the kundu area called moondog we are closed the 2 and 3 of feb.4 feb we have a table soccer compatition beer for the winner with live music from joost open every night from 8 o clock



moondog will sell our yellow valley cheese with special discount on the inhale/exhale festival 1 wheel(400 gr) original flavour will be sold for 55 kuai the other flavours italian spice,cumin,heb the province

and the onion/garlic will be sold for 60 yuan a wheel come and try the best cheese in kunming