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Forums > Living in Kunming > get married need suit

hello i am getting married in kunming at 27 mei now i need to buy a suit but i am a little bigger tham most chinees man.lenght 196 weight 88 kg and shoes size 48 does anybody know where to buy the bigger size suits thanks

Forums > Living in Kunming > top 3

my favorit songs are 1 i am the walrus(the beatles)/2 martha(tom waits)/3 let him dangle(elvis costello)

Forums > Living in Kunming > top 3

moondg bar want to know you favorite songs make a top 3 and tell us

later we will have a top 3 party and tell you wichs song is number 1 in kunming

Forums > Living in Kunming > darts

is anybody interestet in starting a darts compatition we have an electric darts board in moondog bar

Forums > Food & Drink > non smoking

i just opened my bar(moondog in kundu)and we just got our hygiene lycense to get this we need to have a non smoking area (very big) and a smoking area (very small) we needed to have at least 6 non smoking signs and 1 smoking sign.i think this is the new law also we need ventilation fans in the smoking area


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there is a new bar in the kundu area called moondog we are closed the 2 and 3 of feb.4 feb we have a table soccer compatition beer for the winner with live music from joost open every night from 8 o clock



moondog will sell our yellow valley cheese with special discount on the inhale/exhale festival 1 wheel(400 gr) original flavour will be sold for 55 kuai the other flavours italian spice,cumin,heb the province

and the onion/garlic will be sold for 60 yuan a wheel come and try the best cheese in kunming