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Forums > Living in Kunming > Gang fight at the small community park

Uhhhh laotou, you refer to "crime rate". Crime is mostly referred to as a RATE. A rate of what? Amount of crime in terms of population.

So saying "the crime rate" doesn't reflect the population is stupid, the crime rate already includes the population. You are saying "yes, but the 1 in 100k people murder rate does not reflect the population". Uhh.... its 1 in 100k people... it is, at its heart, a statistic that is based on population. That does not mean that if one country has 1 in 100k murders per year, another should have 5 in 100k because its population is 5x the size to be "even", it means that they both should have the same crime rate to be "even".

You are a smart guy, did you have a brain fart or are you baiting?

Forums > Living in Kunming > China's Wealthy fleeing China

Geez Alien, really?

In my country I could have done all these things today (having the environment and services for them). Kayaks in clean seas and rivers, kite surfed, wave surfed, played tennis (for free, if I have the gear), squash, golf (for a reasonable price), rock climbed (indoor or outdoor), mountain biked on properly formed trails, taken a kung fu course, watched 2 types of live international sports, watched a super star sing, hiked/ran/biked in beautiful forest, skydived, taken a pottery/cooking class, gone to a food festival, gone to 2 different fairs, gone to a circus, gone to a zoo (with rare and cared for animals), volunteered on quite a few conservation and lifestyle projects, seen about 3 different live performances from a symphony to local play... So many options it's not funny.

And I am only in a city of less than half a million. There was a video of a wealthy Chinese millionaire who lived in the US who literally stated that most Western countries are like Chinese gardens. I have also heard this from Chinese tourists and my wife.

Forums > Living in Kunming > China's Wealthy fleeing China

It's no surprise that they want to leave. Think about it. 2 choices:

1. Live in a country where the air is polluted so badly I can't breathe, the water is not advisable to drink, the food is so polluted I have to import good food, the lifestyle options are limited and at any time in the future my government could take my wealth. Where my children will be educated but also indoctrinated. On the plus side, I know/understand/love the culture and language, have friends and high social standing.

2. Live in a country where you can drink the water, eat the food (because of appropriate government controls), where the air is breathable, where the environment is like a park, lifestyle options are virtually unlimited. Here my kids will be freer thinkers, like the laowais I met last year. In the new country property and individual rights underpin the entire legal system, making it highly unlikely the government could ever take my "hard earned" wealth. On the minus side I will be in a new and strange environment, will miss my culture and friends, however there are so many Chinese like me there now, I can make new friends!

And all it takes currently is selling one of my 3 Shanghai apartments that I have, thanks to the ridiculous property bubble.

It's not hard to see why they would leave, I just dislike that they have exported their property bubble to other countries. Other than this I don't consider it a bad thing either, it should be a wake up call to the Chinese government.


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Let me take a guess:

Corrupt man assumes control of vast fortune. Man converts a great deal of the fortune to easily transportable assets (diamonds etc) and/or transfers money to foreign accounts in countries with zero corruption laws and/or launders said money through dodgy means. Man leaves country. Man pays foreign official to create identity with a tiny portion of said assets. Man can go anywhere without ramifications.

Only occurred about 1000 times before in China...

If you:
1. Are an experienced kayaker/boaty
2. Are adventurous and in good shape (actively exercise, have stamina)
3. Would like a more free exploring experience

4. Have a decent phone with GPS that you can put markers on, know how to use and can waterproof

Then I recommend the following:

Catch the ferry to Cat Ba.

Stay on Cat Ba island in pretty much luxury
Go to the back of Cat Ba island early morning with a packed lunch and other energy goodies.
Rent a sea kayak (they have pretty decent ones for rent and rent for a whole day).
Go forth and explore.

You can see so much, up close and personal and can decide where you want to go and when. I spent 2 days doing this, going through caves to hidden grottoes, landing on amazing beaches, looking around the local water peoples villages... was gobsmackingly amazing and didn't have any tourist shite. Seriously recommend.

And for the love of god, prioritise the currently useless line that should run all the way to the airport! Anyone notice that it doesn't look like they have left enough room for the train just West of the East Bus station? The raised bridge appears to be a little close to the vehicle bridge above it... maybe this was why they haven't done anything, somebody screwed up and nobody wants to take responsibility?



Yep, pretty good. Fairly authentic, they have the special Vietnamese basil and mint to add to your bowl, making the taste close to authentic. Currently large bowl of beef pho on special for 15 kuai, which is damn good value. Even at 25 kuai its not bad, though locals will definitely prefer an 8 kuai la jiao oily mess, this makes for a very good change. Decor is awesome, the boss is nice, the waiters a bit slow but sure to improve. I recommend if near the city centre, worth the small side trip.


Wow, just wow. Possibly the best Chinese food I have had in Kunming. And in one of the nicest, traditional courtyard style restaurant I have been in. A woman dressed in traditional qi pao playing a gu zheng just adds to it.

We had okra, mushroom soup, dried beef and chou dofu. All top notch with the bill coming in at just over 250 kuai. But we could have fed 3 people for that so not too bad at about 80-90 kuai each. Not the cheapest but for the quality, it's damn good.

If you have people visiting and want to take them to a traditional Chinese style restaurant with Yunnan style food, or want a romantic night out with a gal, you can't go wrong here. Close to Green Lake (down a little alley) for a romantic walk... Just perfect.


Pretty good place for getting all your documents translated and/or notarised. Note that there are a number of notaries in the building which you can find by going up the stairs (the elevators are impossible). But you have to find the stairs to do so... go in the door, head over to the right, go up the big wide stairs which head up a floor, turn right then right again into the elevator area and right again into the stairwells. Whew!

One point off for the elevators never being available and having to hike 7-9 flights of stairs (not good if you have to go 3-4 times a day like I often did!)


This does not stop at the Jinanya hotel at Da Shang Hui as the flyers state (and is on the images tab here). They need to have another stop in the same area or else they are missing out on covering a big chunk of the city.

You can take another bus, the 919C, I believe, if you are nearby Da Shang Hui, which leaves from the bus station on HeHong Lu, nearby the Qianxing road intersection. This bus goes every hour and is white, found at the western end of the station. It is operated by a different company and takes about 1 hour 10 minutes to get to the airport due to a large number of stops especially near the airport.

Great bus though if you can catch it!